Go big or go home!

My wife and I saw this the other night as we were driving home.  We couldn’t help but laugh at them.


Career after college???

Among all the possible careers I could pursue after I graduate, I have my eye on law enforcement. More specifically, something in the federal realm (ICE, FBI, NSA, NCIS, Secret Service, US Marshals or the CIA). I have family in one of these agencies and I will be in discussion with him about the agency he works for, but I haven’t decided which one I would prefer more. I’ve downloaded the NSA careers app for iPhone. I’m going for a BA in accounting. I know that a lot of the agencies do use accounting majors in their actual field, but some do not require a certain degree as long as its a 4 year degree. Fraud and white collar crimes are pretty high on my list of what I want to deal with. Any input is greatly appreciated!!!!