Go big or go home!

My wife and I saw this the other night as we were driving home.  We couldn’t help but laugh at them.


12 comments on “Go big or go home!

  1. Ok, seriously! What would you put on that??? That’s a long way to go just for ‘looking cool’ haha someone’s the big man in town 😉 lmbo NOT!

    • Thank you!!!!! I’m trying!!! I want to get more than just shoeless people!!! But apparently that’s a vast majority of them at college!!! There are other crazy and weird people out there. But when the shoeless come out they go hide. But thanks!!!! Any time you have a suggestion, just message me or text me! Thanks for your support!

    • I guess, but that is just a little ridiculous! Nothing requires one that big! I thought it might just be plastic at first, but at closer inspection it wasn’t, and it was actually on a hitch with a bolt and everything! It was hilarious!

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