Microsoft thinks their TellMe is just like Apple’s Siri, with video. Stupid Microsoft!

“As with all new technologies developed by or associated with Apple, competitors are stumbling over one another to dismiss Siri,” Chris Rawson writes for TUAW. “Google has already played the ‘yawn’ card, and now Microsoft’s Craig Mundie has joined the fray during an interview with Forbes.”
“Can you really just pick up one of these Windows phones and use it right out of the box in the way Mundie claims?,” Rawson asks. “Not if the results of a video comparing TellMe versus Siri are any indication.”

Rawson writes, “Using Siri and TellMe simultaneously, an Australian user tries to create a meeting, send a text, check the time in Perth, and play songs by a certain artist. Siri doesn’t miss a beat, while TellMe fails every time, often with hilarious results.”
check out the video here


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