Why Today’s Google Maps Event Proves Google Is Scared Witless Of iOS 6

“At this point, the consensus of everyone from the smallest Apple blogs to the venerable Wall Street Journal is that Apple will dump Google as its Maps provider in iOS 6 in favor of its own, in-house technology that will bring, among other enhancements, 3D mapping to the mix,” John Brownlee writes for Cult of Mac.
“Apple’s move has caught Google not just off-guard, it’s put the search giant into a total panic,” Brownlee writes. “Need proof? Look no further than Google’s debacle of an emergency announcement today, in which they unveiled ‘the next dimension of Google Maps.’”

Brownlee writes, “During this announcement, Google coincidentally announced their own 3D Maps solution… coincidentally enough, just five days before Apple’s expected to unveil theirs. Oh, and they showed it working on an iPad instead of an Android tablet… and their app was so hacked together it crashed numerous times during the presentation. Can anyone say ‘rushed?’”

MacDailyNews Take: “Caught off-guard.” Not having a mole taking notes in Apple BoD meetings will do that to you.

Google’s dog and pony show reminds us of Ballmer trotting out an “HP Slate” onstage just before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. It’s a move made out of weakness that reeks of fear.

Article from Mac Daily News


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