New stuff from Apple unveiled at WWDC

New hardware, along with new versions of OSX and iOS! Live from WWDC!

New MacBook Air! i7 processor!

HD FaceTime camera.

Updates MacBook Pros!

Not an update! An all new MacBook Pro!!!! The next generation!

It’s thinner than a finger!

It has a retina display!!! 2880×1880

Backlit keyboard, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Facetime HD, dual microphones, “the best stereo speakers we’ve ever put into a notebook,”

Now time for osx!!!! OSX mountian lion! The 8th major release of software!

Full iCloud integration!

125 million users so far, and with Mountain Lion iCloud support is going to be built right in. If you’re signed in with your Apple ID, your apps are updated with your data across all devices.

Notification center for OSX Mountain Lion just like iOS

New dictation is coming to the Mac! You can now speak to your Mac and have it type your paper!

It’s built into the system! It is system wide, meaning it’ll work where ever you are, Facebook, word, google.

New Safari coming as well, with what Apple claims is the fastest JavaScript of all of the JavaScript browsers. It also adds “iCloud Tabs” that show off whatever pages you have open on other devices. Unified browsing!

Now here’s something called Power Nap, new for OS X. Your computer still works for you even when you’re not working.

Game center for mac. Another feature ported from iOS

Apple’s touting over 200 additions to Mountain Lion, which means that there are about 192 that they didn’t discuss today. SPANISH AND GERMAN dictation.

Language Support coming for Baidu? But they still haven’t said anything about Facebook integration? That deal must of went way south!

Nexist month osx mountain lion will be available from the Mac app store for $19.99

Time for iOS 6!

Apple sends 1.5 trillion push notifications, which, man your phones must be vibrating a lot.

Siri can now tell you sports scores!

200 new features in iOS 6

Siri, will the Orioles make it back to the World Series in my lifetime?

You can ask her about player stats, which’ll make her good for ending bar arguments in the most adorable way possible.

Siri also tell you what movies are playing nearby.
It’s through an OpenTable and Yelp partnership, so you can make reservations and get reviews all at once.
Brings up restaurants by location, and sorts by rating. Open Table integration so you can reserve right there.
Siri also knows more about restaurants now.

Siri can launch apps now!

Siri launching apps is pretty huge if, like me, you have way more on your phone than you can easily organize.

Siri’s going to be integrated into cars, too; you just push a button on the steering wheel and Siri’s right there for you. Going to hit in the next 12 months.

Siri has learned Spanish, French, Italian, Korean (which gets big applause), Mandarin, Cantonese, for appopriate regions.

Siri for iPad with iOS 6!!!!!

Here’s the Facebook integration we were looking for; built into iOS 6.

Facebook events (even birthdays) will automatically show up in your Calendar as well.

You can like apps, movies, TV, and music!

Oh sweet, the phone app is getting an update that lets you reply to a missed call with a text message or add a reminder to call back.

Do Not Disturb tells your phone not to bother you with any push notifications or text messages. They’ll be waiting for you in the morning.

FaceTime over data has been enabled, you don’t have to be over Wi-Fi anymore with iOS 6.

If someone calls or sends an iMessage to your phone number, you can receive/reply with your iPad or Mac via FaceTime.

Facetime over cellular is also great news for grandparents. Between this and the Facebook stuff it’s like Apple just had the best day of announcements for old people ever.

Photo Stream in iOS 6 now has shared photo streams, time to make some friends!
Choose the photos you like to share, and the friends you want to share them with, and they’ll receive a push notification. The photos will show up in an album in the Photos app, and you and your friends can all comment on them.

No more google maps!!! Goodbye stupid routes! Hello Apple’s maps!

Turn by turn navigation!

Naturally, Siri integration is here. Ask her how to get where you’re going, she’ll get you there. Ask her for a gas station, she’ll show you what’s nearby.



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