Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion offers compelling features for small businesses.

“Apple’s latest OS, Mountain Lion, offers small businesses several features to boost productivity and social networking,” Nathan Eddy reports for eWeek.
“With the release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version of their OS, there are a host of updated features that can serve midmarket companies well,” Eddy reports. “Chief among these are productivity enhancements to the Notification Center, which streamlines the presentation of notifications and provides access to alerts from Mail, Calendar, Messages, Reminders, system updates and third-party apps, as well as iCloud integration, for the setup of those applications, in addition to keeping everything, including iWork documents, up-to-date across all a company’s devices, including the iPad.”

Eddy reports, “With IT departments growing increasingly concerned about malware disrupting (or shutting down) the network, Apple’s new Gatekeeper platform, which makes downloading software from the Internet safer, could be of interest to small businesses with limited IT resources. On the communications front, Apple’s all-new Messages app, which replaces iChat and brings iMessage to the Mac, allows users to send messages to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or another Mac, a boon for companies that are increasingly reliant on instant collaboration and messaging to run their operations.”

Article from: Mac Daily News


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