Windows PCs: Now pre-loaded with viruses!

“Cybercriminals have opened a new front in their battle to infect computers with malware – PC production lines,” BBC News reports. “Several new computers have been found carrying malware installed in the factory, suggests a Microsoft study.”
“One virus called Nitol found by Microsoft steals personal details to help criminals plunder online bank accounts.,” The Beeb reports. “In a report detailing its work to disrupt the Nitol botnet, Microsoft said the criminals behind the malicious program had exploited insecure supply chains to get viruses installed as PCs were being built. The viruses were discovered when Microsoft digital crime investigators bought 20 PCs, 10 desktops and 10 laptops from different cities in China.”

The Beeb reports, “Four of the computers were infected with malicious programs even though they were fresh from the factory.”

Richard Lardner reports for The Associate Press, ” customer in Shenzhen, China, took a new laptop out of its box and booted it up for the first time. But as the screen lit up, the computer began taking on a life of its own. The machine, triggered by a virus hidden in its hard drive, began searching across the Internet for another computer.”

“The laptop, supposedly in pristine, super-fast, direct-from-the-factory condition, had instantly become part of an illegal, global network capable of attacking websites, looting bank accounts and stealing personal data,” Lardner reports. “For years, online investigators have warned consumers about the dangers of opening or downloading emailed files from unknown or suspicious sources. Now, they say malicious software and computer code could be lurking on computers before the bubble wrap even comes off.”

Article From: Mac Daily News


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